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How can you modify a PDF file?

Do you need to modify your PDF file, but you don’t know how to do it without losing time? First of all, it’s important to know that you don’t always need to use Photoshop, PowerPoint or even Word to modify a PDF file. In fact, with software like Expert PDF, you can modify a PDF file very easily and quickly. With its entire module dedicated to review functions, you can modify a PDF file in just a few minutes.

Editing text

Cut, copy, paste and move text. Delete and adjust the text properties (size, font, colour, character spacing).

Modify PDF images and PDF text

Expert PDF software allows you to modify images and text, in particular the colour, font and size. When editing text, you can copy, cut, paste and move it to wherever you like. As for images, you can simply delete or redimension them.

Editing images

Delete, add and modify images (redimensioning, rotation, compression).

Managing bookmarks

For easier navigation within PDF documents.

Drawing tools

Insert lines, rectangles and ovals. Use the drawing tools (insertion of lines, arrows, zones and other shapes) to add comments to a PDF document.

Edit a PDF document by inserting elements

When animating or presenting a PDF, it can be useful to attach different types of files or even to personalise the document. You can do this with the drawing tool and add different geometrical shapes, curves and illustrations etc.
Stamps are also useful for adding transition effects or rotation between the different pages of your PDF file. You can use the stamps stored in the software’s library if you want to modify a PDF file.
What’s more, if you want to link your PDF file to other elements, you can simply insert hyperlinks enabling you to include various redirections.

Stamp library:

Add predefined stamps from the stamp library and personalise them with transition effects, rotation and so on…


Thanks to EXPERT PDF, you can create hyperlinks that allow you to switch to desired points within the same work document or even in other documents.
You can insert links and the URLs of your websites.


Add, delete and edit personalised watermarks as a fixed element in front of or behind the existing content of your document.
Use it for sensitive pages and create

Editing and organising a PDF file

If your PDF file contains several pages, it would be even more useful if organised correctly with clearer contents. The Expert PDF software allows you to add different headers and footers. It also enables you to insert a personalised watermark and modify it whenever you wish!

Formatting and organising a document

Move, delete, extract, insert, crop, rotate and copy pages. Arrange the final PDF however you like.


This document indexing method makes it easier to identify and search for content.
Widely used in certain professions (legal, accounting etc.), this numbering system allows you to annotate all your PDFs so that each document becomes a unique document that is easy to find.

Convert PDF FILES to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, images...

The Expert PDF software has a simple user interface and in just a few clicks you can convert and transform an unlimited number of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, IMAGE, HTML, RTF, CSV, TIFF and BMP files etc. and obtain high-quality PDFs without losing or changing the original formatting.

Convertir des PDF au format Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Images.

How can you compress a PDF document?

Once your PDF is completed, do you want to reduce the file size by compressing it so you can send it by e-mail, for example? You can do this with the Expert PDF software, thanks to a tool for compressing audiovisual and text files. This means your final file with have fewer MBs and will be smaller.

Optimisation tools

How can you reduce the size of an extremely large PDF document without affecting the quality?
Expert PDF offers an optimisation option that allows you to compress elements of the PDF without impacting on the original quality.

Direct access to the most frequently used PDF files
thanks to a system for managing favourites.

Add headers and footers, watermarks
and other text to all the pages of a document.

Securing a PDF file: no need to worry!

Lots of users dread the thought of their personal or professional files being lost or stolen. But there’s no need to worry: securing a PDF file is very easy. All you need to do is add a password or a digital signature to prevent anyone else from accessing your documents. Whether legal or administrative documents or even invoices, the security function applies to all kinds of documents.
What’s more, you can also add different permissions, such as permission to copy, print, read or modify.
How can you modify a scanned PDF document?

The Expert PDF software includes a very useful function. Its optical character recognition module (OCR) allows you to convert different types of elements. You can transform scanned PDF files and photos into text files such as .docx, .odt and .txt. Once converted to this format, you can search within the file and modify it.

What tools are there for annotating a PDF file?

There are various tools for annotating a PDF document. The Expert PDF software includes a pencil tool that allows you to draw directly in the PDF file. There are other tools available for publishing comments and notes, as well as highlighting or underlining text. You can also delete certain elements thanks to the built-in whiteout tool.

After making modifications to your PDF file, you can compare the new file with the original one by creating a preview. Similarly, the software lets users edit several files in parallel. This can help you save a lot of time if the documents are linked.

To finalise the modification of your PDF file and add the finishing touches, you can use the organisation and formatting tools. You can also navigate within your file thanks to the software’s built-in bookmark management tool.



Whether you’re a business, an association or a freelancer, our EXPERT PDF software is the adapted solution to boost your productivity.

  • Sign more contracts with optimised PDF documents.
  • Create and modify all your professional PDF documents
  • Collaborate, complete and sign a form thanks to EXPERT PDF
  • Secure your sensitive files
  • Benefit from our multi-license offers

How to modify a PDF file:

  1. Open the PDF file in Expert PDF.
  2. Click on the “Edit” tab on the software toolbar.
  3. Click on the text or image you want to modify. Expert PDF automatically displays the tools you need.
  4. Add or modify the text on the page. Cut, copy, paste and move text. Delete and adjust the text properties.
  5. Insert lines, rectangles or ovals thanks to the Shapes tool under the “Review” menu.
  6. Give the modified PDF file a name and save it in your chosen location.
Configuration required Configuration required:

512 MB RAM (1024 MB recommended)
Intel Pentium® 4 processor 1.6 GHz
30 MB free disk space

Compatible with Compatible with:

Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit,
Windows 8, Windows 10.