Do you want to edit a PDF document on your Mac?

It’s easy with eXpert PDF for Mac. However, is the PDF editable?

  • If it is, no problem, just open your file with eXpert PDF for Mac and enjoy all the editing features available to you.

Edit and customize your PDF documents

  • This new Mac application allows you to edit text including functions such as:
    • Deleting and adjusting text properties including character spacing, size, font.
    • Copy & paste
    • Cut
    • Moving text
  • Edit the images in your document
    • Resize, rotate, and compress pictures.
    • Delete, add and edit all your images.

Optimize your documents for better productivity

  • Bates numbering is available, commonly used in professional fields such as accounting and legal documents.
  • Easily navigate within PDF documents by managing your bookmarks.
  • Tab function allows you to edit multiple PDF documents at the same time.
  • Add archiving properties to your documents to make searching faster and easier (keywords, author, subject, title).
  • Compress a PDF file with by using the optimization tools.

Insert forms manually or automatically with automatic forms recognition.

Annotate and enrich your documents for more efficient collaboration

  • Insert notes or comments.
  • Highlight text boxes.
  • Includes drawing tool functions such as:
    • Lines
    • Rectangles
    • Ovals
    • Bezier curves
  • Insert URLs and hyperlinks to any PDF document
  • eXpert PDF for Mac includes a Stamp library allowing you to add a host of predefined stamps and, if you wish, personalize them with transition effects, rotation, etc.
  • Add headers, footers, backgrounds, watermarks as well as other texts to any or all of the pages of a document

Annotate and enrich your documents for more efficient collaboration

Limitless layout arrangements of the final PDF document including:

  • Deleting
  • Extracting
  • Moving
  • Inserting
  • Cropping
  • Rotating
  • Copying images

Expert PDF - The complete PDF solution for home and small business users!

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Configuration required Configuration required:

Supported Operating System:
MacOS 10.12 or later
Intel® Pentium® 4, higher, or equivalent processor
RAM: 512MB RAM, 1 GB recommended
Available Hard Drive Space: 1,5 GB

Compatible with  

Web access needed for product registration, activation, product help, and obtaining live updates for the program.